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Shows are designed for large groups such as schools, Boy/Girl Scouts, Community, and Corporate events.


Physics - The Wonder of Electricity:

Members of the audience will help demonstrate our discussion on electricity.  Most of our activities require audience participation.  A Van der Graff generator and Plasma ball will assist us in our discussion of electricity.  Upon request, we can also dedicate a portion of the show recreating different aspects of weather.

Physics - States of Matter:

This show requires less audience participation in explaining the states of matter in a really cool way!  Utilizing dry ice, we will teach about the three states of matter and our plasma ball will demonstrate the fourth.

Physics - Time for Tootin' About Newton:

Members of the audience will assist us in demonstrating the principles for Newton's Laws of Physics.  We will discuss action - reaction, inertia, Bernoulli's principle and more.  We will be pushing, pulling, bouncing, and floating to a better understanding of Physics.

Slimy Chemistry:

Slime, slime, everywhere we will have slime!  Audience volunteers will help make as many slimy, gooey, things as we can.  This is guaranteed to gross out a few people!  Time permitting, we will also throw in a few stinky experiments for added fun.  All items stay up front at the end of the show for those curious few to see up close and touch.



The Standard Show - Any show listed above can be chosen for the standard show format.  Each show will last approximately one hour (60 minutes).  Each child will receives a number prior to the start of the show and volunteers will be randomly chosen using this numbering system.  If a child does not want to participate in that particular portion of the show then their number is placed back into circulation again.  
  • Standard Show price is $200.00

The Enhanced Show - The enhanced show is 1 1/2 hours long (90 minutes).  The format is the same as the Standard Show with an additional 30 minutes dedicated to on-hands participation in experiments.  These experiments are the same or similar to the ones demonstrated in the show.

  • Enhanced Show price is $300.00


The Super Show - This show is 2 hours long (120 minutes) with the format the same as the standard show and the last hour is dedicated to hands-on experiments conducted with each participant at their table.  Participants will make things to take home and will also receive take home experiments they can conduct with their parents.  This show format requires use of several tables and we request a maximum  of 50 participants.  We can accommodate more, however that is based upon available space.  

  • Super Show price is $400.00

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