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All Party Packages are based on a minimum of 10 children!  Adults are FREE...

I would rather have a SHOW!

Basic Science Package:

bulletLittle Science Wizards standard activities from any birthday program you choose.
bulletCertificate of Completion for EACH child.
bulletChildren get to take home what they created during the party!
bulletTake home experiments and/or information, based on the party theme.
bulletEACH child receives a theme related goodie bag.
bulletPrice is $75.00 (10 child minimum) and each additional child is $7.50

Science Package Plus:

bulletBasic Science Package items
bulletLittle Science Wizard's - Wizard Hat Piñata.
bulletPrice is $95.50 and each additional child is $7.50.

Super Science Package:

bulletBasic Science Package items
bulletEACH child receives a Little Science Wizard's Teddy Bear.
bulletEACH child receives a theme related goodie bag.
bulletPrice is $125.00 and each additional child is $12.50.


Prices do not include NYS sales tax for each goodie bag, teddy bear, or wizard hat!  Due to fuel costs, a fee of $0.50/mile is charged beyond 20 miles each way.

What is in a goodie bag?

bulletSlime Bag contains a sticky buddy, a mini slime ball, magic disappearing ink, a glow-in-dark bouncing ball, a tumbling sticky man, and assorted candies.
bulletSpace Bag contains mini clacker balls, a frog spring jumper, a space ruler, stickers, and assorted candies.
bulletDinosaur Bag contains dinosaur tattoos and stickers, a dinosaur glider, a growing dinosaur, dinosaur erasers, and assorted candies.

Basic Science Bag contains a mini atom ball, a 3" magnifying glass, a mini sticky starfish, glow-in-dark bouncing ball, 1" sticky hand, magic disappearing ink, and a fly or friendship ring.


Note:  Items in goodie bags and birthday packages may change based upon availability!

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