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Birthday / Science Catalog  Items:

You can buy these items as great birthday gifts or for the do-it-yourselfers, you can buy one of our birthday kits and throw your own Little Science Wizards party!  If you have gift or purchase questions feel free to email us.

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No Minimum Order!  Items available in limited supply!!

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This cool bouncing ball kit is from one of our programs.  Each kit makes 6 bouncing balls.  Includes 3 ball forms and 6 mix packets!  Just add water.

  • Bouncing Ball Kit - $ 7.50!

Watch the plasma 'lightning show' on the inside of this ball.  Plug it in and watch the moving light for hours.  Great as a gift!
  • 6" Lightning Ball - $ 50.00

The little brother of the 6" lightning ball.  This one is great in the kid's room too!
  • 3" Lightning Ball - $ 20.00


UV Detecting Bead Kit includes 100 assorted color UV beads, 5 key rings, and 5 feet of plastic string.  These beads only change when exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight).
  • One UV Bead Kit - $ 12.00

Solar Powered Robot Kits - Easily assemble a sun powered motorized robot.  You can choose from the Robot, Beast, Worm, Elf, and Bug.
  • Solar Robot Kit - $ 17.95

Popcorn Stones (Dolomite) - Easily grow crystals by placing these stones in household vinegar.  The pictured stone has pink crystals (red food coloring and vinegar).
  • Bag of 10 stones - $ 7.50

...or just buy the Goodie Bags for your son's or daughter's birthday party!


Updated November 18, 2006